Our Story
Founded in 1986, the American Gymnastics and Preschool began as a recreational tumbling and gymnastics program in the Market Meadows of Lisle. In 1989 the program expanded to the Greentrails Center of Lisle and we added the preschool and expanded our competitive team program.

As we grew our teams and pre-school have achieved many successes. Our current location, 881 Shoreline has been our home since we built it in 1993. It is a state of the art facility for gymnastics and preschool.

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If you would like information on how we can sponsor your child
please call us.

*Only during the school year!
Preschool Open Gym
9:00-10:15am, 1 to 5 years
$7 admits 1 child + 1 adult
*Only during the school year!
Open Gym
7:00-9:00pm, 5 to 12 years
$10 admits 1 child
Oct 27 - Jan 10 2015 Fall II 2014 Gymnastics Session
11 weeks - Oct 27 - Jan 10 2015
Oct 31st American will be CLOSED, after 4:30pm
if you have class Fri evening, you will be assigned a Make-Up
also - NO Friday Night Open Gym

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